Nolaria Consulting - Education - Home Automation


Regardless of which communication protocol you decide to support in your home automation devices, Nolaria Consulting can help you implement and adjust the software to improve efficiency, response time, and power consumption. We track the latest developments in protcols such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread, and new protocols as they emerge.

Protocol Adaptors

Having more than one radio in a device isn't enough to let it communicate with other smart home devices. Nolaria Consulting can develop adaptors to translate the commands in one protocol to another, or receive events from various protocols. We can also merge several different communication protocols into a common, internal system to simplify device control or application development.

API Development

Often, device develops want to expose features and functions of a device such that they can be leveraged or integrated by other developers. Nolaria Consulting has experience in design APIs which are easy to use and understand. These APIs can be fielded in a variety of langauges including C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, etc.

Documentation Services

Nolaria Consulting has a full time technical writer on staff with extensive (and award-winning) experience in writing technical and user documentation. This content can be deployed as published material, PDF, Robo-Help, HTML, video, etc. We also offer training services including the development of training content for on site, webinar, or self paced learning experiences.