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Data Collection

Some users of home automation equipment want to be able to save the data gathered by sensors, events, or actions. This "history" can serve a variety of users including:

Nolaria Consulting has experience in collecting and managing data - whether pure numerical data, structure data, or media files (video and audio). We can develop solutions for your product that stores data locally (perhaps on removable media) or in the cloud using services provided by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others.

Deep Learning

Learning application are very cutting edge these days, but the roots go back decades. Mark Norton has early experience in artificial intelligence development that gives him an edge when working with virtual neural network configurations, statistical learning applications (Baysian and other approaches), and the newer deep learning applications now being made available as part of cloud service offerings.

Data Management

Live data quickly adds up. Nolaria Consulting can help you and your users decide what to keep, what to discard, and what to compute into meaningful metrics that can be saved more economically. Data management techniques include storage (both online and offline), back up, retrieval, restoration, purging, access, and conversion. We can provide solutions that allow collected data to be exported into easy to use formats such as comma separated value files (CSV), which can be imported into common spreadsheet applications.

Report Generation

Raw data is generally not the most useful format for most end users. Customers are looking for easy to understand charts, diagrams, or tabular representations of data collected. Nolaria Consulting can help you to design meaningful data graphics using off-the-shelf, open source packages such as Jasper Reports, Java2D, JFreeCharts, or others.