Nolaria Consulting - Education - Home Automation

Web Service Development

Leveraging existing protocols and APIs, Nolaria Consulting can take your functions and create easy to use web services that meets your development and delivery needs. We have extensive experience in XML and JSON data communication, as well as Rest, Ajax, and SOAP/WSDL service delivery and access. Often, smart home devices are capable of service up web pages themselves, which make development, test, and debugging easier. However, these can introduce security issues that we can help you with.

Application Development

To date, Nolaria Consulting has focused on web service based applications that run in web browsers (Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.). Application development can also be expanded to include deployment as mobile application suitable for running under Android or iOS. Such applications can leverage the latest in technologies such as HTML5, client-side JavaScript, and the accessibility features offered by Dojo and other frameworks.

Accessibility Evaluation

Nolaria Consulting has experence in evaluating support for accessibility requirements such as those defined by the ADA, WAI, WCAG, WebAIM, Access4All, and other standards. Mark Norton has particiapted in some of these standard development efforts in the past, given him deeper insight into how web and mobile appilcations can be made more accessible to those with disabilities. Accessibility as part of home automation will be an important element to consider as support for at-home seniors is become a major marketing aspect.