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Sakai Architecture

Mark Norton joined the Sakai development community just after it's formation in 2003 as a contributing architect. During the first two years, Sakai was a closed development effort, funded by the Mellon Foundation. During that time, Mark served as a liaison between the Sakai Educational Partnership Program and the internal development effort led by U. Michigan, Indiana U., Standford, and MIT. Later, contributions included documentation (Sakaipedia), standards, and API design (Course Management, with Craig Counterman).

Tool Development

Nolaria Consulting has development many custom tools for Sakai over the past ten years including a photo gallery tool for UC Berkeley. Other tools have leveraged the IMS-GLC Tool Interoperability Framework to create integrations for existing commercial applications. New custom tools can be built to client specifications, and existing applications integrated, ideally using Tool Interoperability.

Service Integration

Mark Norton, through Nolaria Consulting offers back office service integration including authentication, authorization, user profile, content, and course management.