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Moodle Development

Nolaria Consulting has been involved with the Moodle community as an independent contractor since 2012.

Course Provisioning

Moodle supports the development of custom enrollment plugins that extend the standard methods offered in Moodle releases. This capability has been leveraged to make Moodle blocks for MIT and the California College of the Arts that provision courses at the start of each term and manage enrollment during registration periods. Adds and drops are both supported, as well as instructor assignments. New plugins can be customized to meet your back end course data strutures - warehoused data, databases, text files, etc.

User Accounts

Custom plugins can be developed to create Moodle accounts based on central authentication services. These can support single sign-on via CAS, Shibboleth and other mechanisms. User profile data, including photos, can be added if available. Access rights can either be specified globally and inherited by role, or customized.