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Practicing Aikido

I practice Aikido at Finger Lakes Aikido in Ithaca, NY under the direction of Larry Bieri sensei. I started there in 2009 after moving to Candor from the Boston area, where I taught at Mill City Aikido. Bieri sensei has a deep understanding of Aikido based (in part) on his many years of living in Japan and practicing at Honbu dojo.

Finger Lakes Aikido has a membership agreement with the Cornell Aikido Club that allows members to practice at either, so I often attend classes and seminars at Cornell. The sensei there is Yukiko Katagiri.

Teaching Aikido

In early 2014, I was asked to teach class at Senshi Dojo in Johnson City. This is an AAA dojo, so I have the opportunity to practice and teach the training methodology established by the AAA. Students from Binghamton University often visit the dojo for additional instruction beyond what they get at the BU Aikido Club.

Board Activities

I have been a member of the Mill City Aikido (MCA) Board of Directors since it was established in 2006. I serve as the Secretary. Mill City Aikido has proposered over the years and has an active student body and children's program. Kathy Fitzgibbon is the dojo cho and sensei there.

Starting in the summer of 2014, I became a member of the Aikido International Foundation (AIF), a charitable organization that seeks to promote Aikido through charitable work. I also serve as Secretary to the AIF. The AIF has been active in support dojos with financial difficulties, providing travel scholarships to deserving aikidoka, etc.